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Four Tips and Tricks From a Plumbing Repair Expert

Prevent Summer Plumbing Disaster

With rising temperatures, we often think about how it will impact our air conditioning, the status of our thermostat, and our energy bill. However, we tend to ignore the toll summertime can have on plumbing. From showers to garbage disposals to toilets, the last thing you want this season is to call a plumber to fix any of these items. Here are 4 plumbing tips and tricks from a plumbing repair expert to prevent a summer plumbing disaster.

Watch what food you put down on your disposal

This applies year-round, but many summer food trends include stringy and fibrous fruits and vegetables that can clog up your disposal. This includes corn husks, cobs, celery, artichokes, and banana peels. These are things that you should never send down the disposal!

Hose off any big messes outside

Our pipes were not built to withstand large amounts of sand, dirt, and gravel. Try to hose off yourself (and your dog) before going inside if you have a noticeable amount on you after a day at the beach or in the garden. This will prevent your pipes from clogging up while you take your refreshing shower or wash your clothing.

Replace your sprinkler head

Your grass requires extra water in the summer due to the heat and weather conditions. In addition, sprinklers prove as a fun, summer cool-down option for the kids to run through. This means extra work for your sprinklers and a perfect time to replace the sprinkler head.

Water heater maintenance

As temperatures rise, most people take several showers per day during the summer. Using a lot of water in this way can quickly increase your water bills so you may want to consider decreasing the hot water temperature in your hot water system. You won’t use nearly as much hot water during the warmer months, so why pay to keep it warm all day? Your water tank should also be drained after its extended service during the winter months. Sediment build-up is often the reason why water heaters need repair after a few years of use.

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